OCP Secretary George Alexander appointed to the Academic Board of Occidental Studies Institute (OSI)


OCP News Service – 2/3/18

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Global: Secretary of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (Pan-Orthodox Christian Society), George Alexander is appointed to the academic board of the Occidental Studies Institute (OSI) as the Junior Adviser of ‘Geo-strategy of Religions,’ which falls under under the Cultural Heritage Department by Dr. Mirta R. Acero, who is one of the key founders of the institute. He will also serve as the facilitation Manager of the Institution and will closely work with the Human Resources Department.

Occidental Studies Institute (OSI)
OSI is the first center of studies within the Western Society that intends to research the Western roots, the complementarities and synergies with other cultures inside and outside Westernity, as well as the incidence in the global policies and models of governance, defining a clear picture of what the concept of Westernity involves; what is to be an Occidental Society and what is to be a Western citizen, the implications for our own future and its interaction with other outside societies. OSI intends to explore the values of the Western Mindset as a concept of integration itself, as an idea of the universalism based on the common principles and a model of real integration and tolerance.

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