OCP Delegate Meets Metropolitan Mar Dioscoros Yuhanon of Chennai

OCP News Service – 29/11/13

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The Lost Orthodox Christians of St Gregorious of Parumala in Dindigul:

India/Kerala: Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society delegate and Chief Project Coordinator of MARP(Metropolitan Alvarez Julius Research Project) Ajesh Phillip met with Metropolitan Yuhannon Dioscorous of Chennai diocese of the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church during the last week of November 2013.

Discussion on Orthodox Community of St Gregorious of Parumala in Dindigul

Ajesh introduced the activities and projects of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE. There was a detailed discussion on the action plans to be implemented to restore the community of St Gregorious of Parumala in Dindigul. A delegation from Chennai Diocese has already visited the place.

Ajesh discovered the community of St Gregorious at Dindigul in the year 2011. Since then OCP Secretariat has been requesting the Indian Church to adopt them and finally has received a positive response from the Church hierarchy.

As a token of love, Ajesh presented Metropolitan Dioscorous with the special OCP icon of the Holy Theotokos, St Aprem the Syrian and St Mark of Ephesus.

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