OCP Delegate Ben Kunjacko Attacked By Christian Fanatics

OCP News Service – 27/9/2019

Piravom, Kerala- India: Benj Kunjacko (Delegate and Chief Public Relations & Social Media Officer) of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society was brutally attacked by a group of Christian religious fanatics at Piravom(Ernakulam, Kerala State) on 26th September 2019. He was attacked as part of the tensed and ongoing developments at the Piravom Church. Ben was admitted to the local hospital and was later released upon providing treatment. Ben serves as the Sexton (Lay-Chaplain) at the Piravom Catholicate Center.

The Secretariat of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE strongly condemns the attack on Ben Kunjacko, our beloved delegate, and Chief Public Relations Officer. We request each and everyone to hold Ben Kunjacko and his family in your kind prayers.

OCP News Service