OCP Delegate Archdeacon Tesfa Mikael Williams Graduates from the University of Durham

OCP News Service – 12/1/2020

The UK – On Thursday the 10th of January, Archdeacon Tesfa Mikael Williams, Chief Overseer of the Oriental Orthodox Research Center and editor of Ethiopian Affairs, (the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society) graduated as Master of Arts in Theology, Ministry and Mission. This degree was conferred upon him with distinction by the University of Durham at the historic Durham Cathedral. The Theological Education Institute that provided the Common Awards program which he undertook was the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, a pan-Orthodox house for theological studies and a full member of the Cambridge Theological Federation. His dissertation was entitled ‘Liturgical Narrativity: A Post-Critical Interpretation of the Order of the Consecration of a Church according to the Ethiopic Rite’.

At the same graduation ceremony the Ugandan-born Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu, was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Divinity for his exemplary service, which notably includes challenging thinking with regard to poverty, racism, and social integration. Upon receiving this degree he exhorted, “I pray for all the Graduands as they celebrate their hard work and achievements and that the next stage of their journeys will bring fulfillment and joy. Every blessing.”

Brief Bio of Archdeacon Tesfa Mikael Williams
A British convert to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewaḥǝdo Church, Archdeacon Tesfa Mikael was ordained Deacon in 2012 at the parish of St. Mary of Tserha Tsion  (http://stmaryofzion.co.uk/). He studied at Holy Trinity Theological College, Addis Ababa, where he graduated as Bachelor of Theology with distinction. Upon his return to the UK, he was elevated to the rank of Archdeacon. During his postgraduate studies, his service has been primarily characterized by the translation of Ethiopic liturgical texts into English in addition to the preparation of other pastoral and educational resources.

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