OCP Delegate Anca Constenco Honored with the Union Centennial Medal by Patriarch Daniel of Romania

OCP News Service – 10/01/2019

Bucharest-Romania: Anca Constenco Sirbu – Delegate of Bucharest and All Romania of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (Pan-Orthodox Christian  Society) was honored with the Great Union Centennial Medal by His Beatitude Daniel (Archbishop of Bucharest, Metropolitan of Muntenia and Dobrogea, Locum tenens of the throne of Caesarea Cappadociae and Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church). Anca was honored along with her husband Alex Costenco. The surprise ceremony took place on 9th December 2018 as part of the 100th-anniversary celebrations of the Great Union Day of Romania. The Costenco’s are well-known iconographers in Romania. They were also presented with a Diploma certificate by the Patriarch.

The couple was honored for preserving and promoting Orthodox Christianity through their work and for their contributions in preserving the identity and unity of the Romanian Nation. They have completed a number of Icongraphy projects for the Romanian Church and are currently working on a project at the St. Mary’s Monastery in Techirghiol.

Christ the Pontacrator Icon wrriten by Anca is the second most imporant honour installed by the OCP Foundation.

The OCP family take this opportunity to wholeheartedly congratulate Anca Constenco Sirbu and Alex Costenco for their outstanding achievement. May God bless them and strengthen them further for greater achievements.

OCP News Service