OCP Chairman Calls for Support for Armenia and Artsakh

OCP News Service  – 6/10/2020  

A statement by Mr George Joseph, Chairman of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (Pan-Orthodox Christian Society) on the situation in Artsakh (Karabakh). 

No: AR-EC-6/10/20

Dear All,

Many among us would have come across the peculiar situation the people of Armenia are undergoing these days in Artsakh. Since we are maintaining close relationships with the Armenian Orthodox Church, we may demonstrate empathy towards them naturally, but more than our association as a sister Church, we should view their present plight in wider canvas.

A Kind Appeal to Support Armenia & Artsakh

As their life is under constant threat and many among them are passing through acute poverty on account of these, we are responsible to take care of them as best as we can. We have to work out ways and means to extend financial support also. Please think overall these and see what best we can do individually and as a community.

Let us keep them in our hourly prayers without fail.

In Christ

George Joseph

OCP News Service