OCP Associate Dina Blokland Receives Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

OCP News Service – 1/1/2020

Jerusalem-Holy Land: Dina Blokland (an academic associate of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society and Associate Research Editor – Center for Orthodox Studies) has acquired her doctorate degree in the topic ‘The Gospel According to Mathew in the Tradition of Domenico of Jerusalem, a Jew who became a Christian’ from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Brief Bio of Dr. Dina Blokland
Born in the Netherlands, Dina completed Religious Studies from the University of Utrecht and M.A. in Semitic Language from the University of Amsterdam. She is a certified translator and interpreter. Dina specializes in polyglot areas of research that include Biblical Exegesis, Second Temple Period, Converts in the Early Modern Mediterranean Context, Roman Inquisition, Church History, Philology & Translations, Hebrew Literature & Halakha. Her areas of interest in Orthodox Christianity include the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church and Orthodox Church History. Dina volunteers as the webmaster for the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem. She is also a lecturer at the Armenian Theological Seminary of the Patriarchate in the Holy Land.

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