OCA Statute Revision Task Force continues work

Statute Meeting

OCA – Septmber 2014

The Statute Revision Task Force of the Orthodox Church in America held its third meeting at Holy Dormition Monastery here August 19- 22, 2014. Participants were grateful to Mother Gabriella and the monastic sisterhood for the warm hospitality they graciously provided.

Under the chairmanship of His Eminence, Archbishop Nathaniel of Detroit and the Romanian Episcopate, task force members continued the detailed and painstaking review and revision of the current text of the OCA Statute and added elements not previously covered therein. Their work was, in part, based on an earlier draft revision that had been reviewed by the Holy Synod of Bishops a decade ago.

Upon completion of the latest revision, a new draft of the Statute will be presented to the Holy Synod for initial review. It then will be posted on-line, where clergy and faithful will be able to submit comments and suggestions. Feedback also will be garnered through presentations on the revision at upcoming diocesan assemblies and other gatherings held in preparation for the 2015 18th All-American Council.

As mandated by Article XIII of the current Statute, suggested revisions will be accepted up to 90 days before the opening of the Council. The final draft of the revised Statute will be posted on-line 60 days before the Council. The final text will then be presented to delegates at the Council for adoption.

The task force’s next meeting will be held at the OCA Chancery in the fall.

Besides Archbishop Nathaniel, other task force members include Igumen Daniel [Brum]; Archpriests Dimitri Cozby, John Erickson, and Alexander Rentel, task force secretary; Priest Ioan Cozma; Judge E.R. Lanier, who was unable to attend the meeting; and Mr. Alexis Liberovsky.

Details of previous task force meetings may be found here and here.