OCA Holy Synod of Bishops approves 2016 Planting Grant recipients

SYOSSET, NY [OCA] – October 2015

With the blessing of the members of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America, whose fall session draws to a close on Friday, October 23, 2015, the Department of Evangelizationannounced Planting Grantrecipients for 2015.

Saint Katherine Mission, Cardiff, CA [Priest Andrew Cuneo, Pastor] will receive a grant for its third and final year, while Saint John the Evangelist Mission, Tempe, AZ [Priest Andre Paez, Priest-in-Charge] and Saint James Mission, Beaufort, SC [Priest James Bozeman, Priest-in-Charge], will will receive second-year grants.  Missions receiving grants for the first time are Saint Nektarios, Waxahachie, TX [Priest. David Bozeman, Priest-in-Charge] and Saint Juvenaly and His Companion, Wasilla, AK [Archpriest Mikel Bock, Priest-in-Charge].

Missions “graduating” from the grant program include Holy Apostles, Lansing, NY [Priest James Worthington, Rector], which recently celebrated it’s fifth anniversary, and Holy Archangels, Annapolis, MD [Priest Robert Miclean, Priest-in-Charge].

“Each of these missions receives a substantial grant—normally $24,000.00 for the first year, $20,000.00 for the second year, and $16,000.00 for the third year, matched by the mission—for the exclusive purpose of supporting the full-time ministry and missionary work of their respective priests,” explained Priest John Parker, who chairs the Department of Evangelization.  “Once again, it is encouraging that missions from across the OCA, representing three dioceses, applied for and were blessed to receive grants for the coming year.”