Pravoslavie.ru – Ausgut 2016

The Karibche.ambebi.ge website has published the oath of fourteenth-century Georgian Orthodox doctors which is similar to the world-famous Hippocratic oath but has some fundamental distinctions (chiefly due to its Christian component), reports Blagovest-info. The oath’s text is given below.

The oath of an Orthodox doctor:

“Hallowed be the Name of the Lord, the Father of our Savior Jesus Christ, now and ever and unto ages of ages!

I will not lie!

I will not profane the teaching of the medical arts!

I will not give a deadly mixture to anybody, even to those who wish it, and will never disclose its recipe; likewise, I will never offer a woman any remedy, to be used either externally or internally, for the abortion of a fetus.

I will teach the medical arts to all who need it, without any complaints or accord.

I will apply all possible means, according to my abilities and knowledge, in order to help the suffering.

I will keep my life and my skill in purity and holiness.

Whichever house I may enter, I will enter it only for aiding the sick; I will refrain from any kind of injustice (either known or unknown to me) which leads to one’s death or suffering; and will refrain from shameful relations with any woman or man, either dependent or independent.

Whatever I may see or learn in the course of medical treatment (or among a patient’s close circles), I will not divulge any confidential information and will regard it as a holy secret.

If I keep and never violate this oath, then may the Lord help me in my life and in the art of medicine; should I violate it, then may the Lord take all of this away from me”.

 Translated by Dmitry Lapa