New Book – “The Orthodox Church Is for All” by Deacon Logan H. Polk (OCP Publications)

OCP News Service – 11/1/21

Global: OCP Publications is proud to present the new book titled “The Orthodox Church  Is for All” by Deacon Logan H. Polk. The book is now available at nearly fifty international e-commerce outlets including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu books. This is the 7th book from the house of OCP Publications.

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Publisher: (January 1, 2021)
Language:: English
Type:  Paperback
Pages: 188 pages

About the Book
What draws someone to one particular Church or another? How does a soul know when it has been washed in the Light of Christ? What truly awakens baptism by the Holy Spirit? Reverend Deacon Logan Polk, M.A., attempts to answer these questions by relating his own faith journey, a story of a small-town Mississippi boy following a long road all the way to the Oriental Orthodox Church. The trail leads him through many paths of joy, frustration, sorrow, discovery, and most importantly, love. He speaks on loving everyone as a brother and sister, even those in the deepest pits of Hell, where God’s love reaches these lost souls. He gives copious examples of rare and fabulous stories from Ethiopian Christianity which demonstrate how the prayers of the living can save even the damned.

He speaks of the Church that taught him what wondrous love Christ has for all, in order to be All in all. Discover with him the history of this Church which, over a thousand years before any other, spanned as far west as Iceland and as far east as Japan. He reflects heavily on the importance of tearing down divisions between the different branches of Christianity, so that Christians may cease dividing the Body of the Lord. Join Deacon Logan on a journey all around the world, even though Hell, to find both Jesus Christ’s Church and His rapturous, never-ending Love.

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