New Book “Glory Wrapped in Shame” by Fr Dr Abraham Oommen Now Available Worldwide 

OCP News Service – 10/03/21

Global: A new book titled titled GLORY WRAPPED IN SHAME: AN EXEGETICAL STUDY OF THE PASSION NARRATIVE IN THE GOSPEL OF ST. JOHN, HIGH LIGHTING IT’S HISTORICAL AND THEOLOGICAL INSIGHTS written by Fr Dr Abraham Oomen from the house of OCP Publications is now available for purchase worldwide in paperback format.

The book is available in paperback format on all major e-commerce outlets such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many more. The book is priced 15 dollars in the international market and Rs 250 in the Indian Sub Continent.

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About the Book
The Passion Narrative in the Gospel according to St. John is sometimes set aside as so thoroughly theological that it is historically unreliable in comparison with the Synoptics. Whereas the Synoptic accounts are viewed as the simple record of facts, Johannine narrative is viewed mainly as the interpretation. The Fourth Gospel contains many historical details of the death of Jesus which the Synoptics omittor play down. The repeated references to an eyewitness imply the experience of a participant is behind the Johannine Passion Narrative. Theologically too, St. John’s interpretation of the death of Christ goes far beyond that of the Synoptics. No other evangelist has grasped the meaning of the death of Christ as St. John. This book takes a fresh look at the incidents of the arrest, trial, crucifixion, death and burial of Jesus Christ as described in the 18 & 19 chapters of St. John. A detailed exegesis of the same is followed by the discussion of the historical problems and the theological perspectives.

Publisher – OCP Publications
Mode – Print on Demand
Language – English
Price – $ 15 (Interntional Rs 250 (Indian Sub-continent)Pages – 219
Type – Paperback
Availability – Worldwide

About the Author
Fr. Dr. Abraham Oommen, is a priest belonging to the Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church. Having obtained the degrees of Master of Theology (New Testament), Master of Arts (English), and Ph. D. (English), he has been teaching English Language and Literature as well as The New Testament. Fr. Abraham has additionally served as the Executive Secretary, National Council of Churches in India. He has authored seven books and a considerable number of articles on diverse topics.

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