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Fr. Yohanes Bambang Preaching Orthodoxy to Non-Orthodox Communities in Indonesia

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Surabaya /Indonesia: To Develop the Orthodox Missionary work in Indonesia, we have to open our hand to welcome people who want to know the existence of Our Orthodox Church, moreover if they want to know and to learn the teaching of our Orthodox Church. Basically the existence of the Orthodox Priests in Indonesia is open their hand and heart and willing to be invited to speak on the Orthodox faith in front of NON-Orthodox People. Because this is the best way to convey the Orthodox faith to other people. Recently Father Yohanes namely on januray 17, beside his tight schedule to develop his mission, he was invited by The Protestant brothers and Sisters to speak on The Holy Trinity, and the result was very interesting and even they are going to make a seminar and Fr. Yohanes will be invited by then to be the only speaker, so that they will be able to ask many things on the Orthodox faith.

This invitation is received by Fr. Yohanes and He will receive any time of invitation from NON- ORTHODOX People who want to know the Orthodox faith. father Yohanes opened his heart to receive their invitation, because in the heart of Father Yohanes, how can the orthodox faith can be known if we do not move and preach the Gospel of Christ to them, we have to have a spirit and say that “We will never to Stop to preach the Gospel of Christ. By having this spirit, we sure and believe that the Orthodox Faith will be known by everyone in Indonesia.

Base on that, please pray and help, so that the Indonesian Orthodox Mission can be developed rapidly in Indonesia. And For your pray and financial help, here we want to say :Thank you very much and God will see what you did for His Church, Amen

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