Neurosurgeon Stefan Mindea Ordained to the Priesthood: In Perfect Conditions, Every Doctor Would be a Priest

Basilica News Agency – Aurelian Iftimiu – 15/6/2020

Archbishop Teodosie of Tomis on Monday ordained the renowned neurosurgeon Stefan Mindea to the priesthood at Vacarestii Noi Monastery in Constanta.

The Archbishop of Tomis said that ‘science and faith have met’ in the person of the famous doctor ordained a priest for the church of Vacarestii Noi Monastery.

Asked how he will reconcile medicine with the newly received ministry in the future, Priest Ștefan Mindea said that this context is ideal, perfect.

“I believe that these two areas go hand in hand. If we think also from a historical point of view, the lepers were sent to the priests, our Church is full of healing saints. Every bodily illness has a spiritual base and for this reason, I consider that ideally, in perfect conditions, every doctor would be a priest,” Fr. Stefan said June 8.

The new priest noted that in addition to all his efforts and professional dedication, “without the grace of God the medical act is absolutely a torment.”

The world-famous neurosurgeon Ștefan Alexa Mindea, a graduate of Stanford University, became at 36 the youngest head of department in the history of the famous university. He returned to Romania with his wife and six children on the advice of Elder Justin Pârvu, who he was his spiritual father.

“Our life has changed a lot through the relationship with Father Justin Pârvu. My spiritual director, Father Justy from the monastery, through some discussions we had before, convinced us to return to Romania. But not convinced, convinced is not the right word, I do not want to be misunderstood here, because after all, every person, being an adult, assumes the decision. But he created the desire to make such a decision,” the neurosurgeon said during a lecture hosted by ASCOR Constanța.

Last year, Deacon Ștefan Mindea received from the Bishop Ignatie of Husi the Episcopal Cross “for the very intense work carried out in the service of healing one’s fellows.”