Nativity and New Year Greetings from Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society

December 2013- January 2014
OCP News Service – Global

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters

Warm greetings from OCP Society.

Christ is Born, Adorn Him!!!

We take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed nativity season and a peaceful New Year. May God shower abundance of grace upon you and your loved ones. May this New Year bring unending opportunities of peace, growth, respect and love.

Let us pray for the relief of all those who are suffering with pain and agony; particularly the abducted prelates and nuns in Syria. May Almighty God have lasting mercy upon them and thier nation.

We wholeheartedly thank each one of your for the continued support, love and care.

In Christ
From the OCP Secretariat

George Alexander
(Secretary – OCP Society & Director- Dept. of External Church Relations)

Subin Varghese
Vice-Chairman – OCP Society & Director- Dept. Charity and Social Welfare)

Kisha D Dorado
(Director- Dept. of Church Research and Studies)

Varghese John
(Director- Dept. of Publication)

Boaz John
(Director and Project Manager- Dept. of Technical Support)

Abraham P Koshy
(Treasurer – OCP Society and Director- Dept. of Finance)

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