Nationalized property given back to Church


BELGRADE — The Belgrade municipality of Palilula has returned office space located in downtown Belgrade to the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC).

The property was nationalized after World War II.

The office space is located in Kralja Aleksandara Blvd. and has 1,180 square meters of available space, which Jat Airways, Lasta and Simpo companies are currently using.

According to a statement from an official of the St. Marko Church, the SPC is satisfied with the decision.

Municipal President in Palilula Danilo Bašić said that a historic injustice has been corrected, adding that he hopes that the rest of the city’s municipalities will follow in Palilula’s footsteps.

Annual income from the renting of the property is RSD 12mn, which will be given to the Church in the future.

The companies renting currently will stay in their premises.