“My Biggest wish is to have Something to Eat and for My Sister to be Healthy!” – Jug Bogdan (Kosovo Serb)

28 Jun NGO – 21/2/19

“My Biggest wish is to have Something to Eat and for My Sister to be Healthy!”. These are the words of little Jug Bogdan from the village of Susice, in the municipality of Strpce in Kosovo and Metohija.

One of thirteen children in the Stanojkovic family, who survive from social assistance in a small house, Jug Bogdan and his brothers and sisters too often face the reality of not having enough food on their table, not even bread. The names of the other children of father Radovan and mother Ljiljana are Nenad, Andreja, Natalija, Darko, Bogdan, Andjelija, Katarina, Jovan, Tatjana, while Zorica, Anica and Andrijana are married and Jovica’s son moved in with his wife.

Jug Bogdan has a sister who was born a twin with a boy who died at birth. She suffers from a medical condition which affects her breathing and every third day she must undergo inhalation therapy and often travels to Belgrade for evaluation.

They are, in a way, the last point of civilization. The municipality of Strpce is in the far south of Kosmet, in Susic. The road from Strpac is about ten kilometers long and there is nothing beyond them. Stanojkovic’s house sits at the end of a dirt road. When stones fall from the sharp slopes of Jezerska mountain, it is uncertain where it will land, but what is certain is that the largest Serbian family in this area will not leave their homeland.

At a time when most Serbs do not pay sufficient attention to our falling birthrates and the survival of our people, and as Serbs continue to leave Kosovo and Metohija, this family is doing exactly the opposite. They need our help, and we hope that all of us together will act boldly and decisively, as we have always done, and show them that we will not abandon them.

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