Muslim-Christian meeting at Al-Azhar

By Hatem Khedr – The Egyptian Gazette on line

CAIRO (Updated 8) – Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed el-Tayyeb, who heads the highest seat of Sunni learning, is chairing the meeting of members of the Egyptian Family on Monday at Al-Azhar premises to discuss the latest developments over Maspero incidents that left 24 killed and more than 200 wounded Sunday night, the official Middle East News Agency reported.

Clashes broke out between Coptic demonstrators on one side and Police and the Army on the other side during a demonstration in the Maspero district on the Nile cornice. Coptic demonstrators were protesting against a recent attack on a church in the southern Egyptian city of Aswan.

The meeting, including clergymen of both Muslim and Christian faiths and a number of intellects, was set to discuss the incidents, focusing on the role of men of religion to contain the crisis.
The meeting also seeks to pinpoint reasons of these attacks, in a bid to find solutions to put an end to these incidents.

A statement is expected to be released at the end of the meeting determining the plan of action to be agreed upon to avoid the reoccurrence of similar events.