‘Muddy Boots, Bread and Butter’ – The Heart Breaking Story All of Serbia is Talking About

28Jun NGO – 22/9/19

Dear Friends,

At least 50 of you have sent us the story of 6-year old Nadja Mladenovic from the Village of Vinik near Nis. Like other children, at her age she began school two weeks ago, but her teacher noticed that Nadja showed up to class every day in the same muddy boots. As the teacher took further interest, she discovered the details of her tragic young life.

She was abandoned by her parents as a baby and is raised by her grandparents in a shelter where a sheet of nylon serves as the wall. The only food the girl knows of is bread and butter and when she was served chocolate milk at school for the first time in her life she began to choke. Every day she walks 5 km to school and 5 km back home. Despite all this, when asked what she needed, Nadja replied she already has everything she needs.

Please try to watch this video and not cry: http://www.rts.rs/page/stories/sr/story/125/drustvo/3662992/pristojan-krov-nad-glavom-pre-zime–imperativ-za-malu-nadju.html

Her grandparents do the best they can and skip meals so little Nadja can eat but they need our help.

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