Mor Theophilose George Saliba, Mor Clemis Daniel Kourieh, Mor Philoxenos Mathias Nayis to participate in the 79th Dukhrono of St. Ignatius Elias III as Patriarchal Delegates

Syrian Orthodox Church in India


DAMASCUS/MANJANIKKARA: Archbishop Mor Theophilose George Saliba – Metropolitan of Mount Lebanon & Secretary of the Holy Synod, HG Mor Clemis Daniel Kourieh – Metropolitan of Beirut and HG Mor Philaxinos Mathias Nayis – Patriarchal Assistant & Director of St. Ephraim Seminary will participate in the 79th Dukhrono of St. Ignatius Elias III Bava at Manjanikkara as delegates of His Holiness Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas Patriarch, informed the press release from St. Ignatius Dayaro – Manjanikkara. The ‘Dukhrono’ will be held from February 6th to 12th. Mor Dionysius Geevarghese – the Metropolitan of Simhasana Churches and Abbot of St. Ignatius Dayaro and Mor Athanasius Geevarghese – Asst. Metropolitan of Simhasana Churches informed that all arrangements for the reception of the pilgrims and the Patriarchal delegates have been completed.

The Patriarchal delegates will be received at Omalloor Shrine on Feb 11th under the leadership of the ‘ Dukhrono celebrations Committee’ and St. Stephen’s J S O Cathedral, Manjanikkara. Later, the Patriarchal delegates will bless and receive the pilgrims reaching Manjanikkara from different parts of Malankara on foot. The Patriarchal delegates will participate in the ‘Pilgrims Convention’ on Feb 11th evening and in the Holy Tri – Mass on Feb 12th at 08.30 am.

Feb 6, Sunday will be celebrated as the ‘Patriarchal Flag Day’. The Metropolitans informed that, on that day, the Patriarchal Flag should be hoisted in all Churches in Malankara. On that day, a Holy Tri – Mass will be celebrated at St. Ignatius Dayaro Church by HG Mor Meletius Yuhanon, HG Mor Athanasius Geevarghese & HG Mor Theodosius Mathews. The Patriarchal Flag will be hoisted at St. Ignatius Dayaro in the morning and at the Omalloor Shrine later in the evening.