Montenegro: A New Monastery near Ulcinj Dedicated to St Basil of Ostrog

Church of Serbia – 12/5/2020

The church of St Basil of Ostog in Briska Gora near Ulcinj, Montenegro, has become a monastery since today (9th May 2020) and a nun from the monastery Rustovo Olga (Lecic) has become the abbess of this monastery.

On this occasion, His Eminence Amfilohije, Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral, officiated Holy Archhierical Liturgy this morning. He was concelebrated with the clergy.

In the liturgical sermon, after a Gospel reading, His Eminence told that it had been twenty years since that church was consecrated and that a new miracle of St Basil of Ostrog the Wonderworker appeared.

“This shrine, consecrated by the hands of His Holiness Patriarch Gabriel the Confessor, has become a monastery. And this is a miracle that it has appeared in the year when we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of his blessed repose in Belgrade,” said the Metropolitan.

One hundred and one-year-old Bogdan Peric, who is present here, is a living witness to the consecration of this church, said His Eminence.

“And it is a miracle of Saint Basil as well that the child of that time, who then attended the consecration of the church, has experienced this great day of turning that church into a monastery, into a convent, at the time when our sister Olga has received the scepter to be the first abbess of this nunnery. And that is a great sign,” His Eminence Amfilohije added.

The Metropolitan expresses his view that the Church of Christ has still been persecuted today, as it was persecuted throughout history.

“But the holy seed that the Lord sowed here on earth, here it is, and has stillborn rich fruits all over the world. And this place has become one of the testimonies, and one of the miracles of St Basil,” concluded the Metropolitan.

After the Divine Liturgy, the corner-stone of the future monastery refectory was consecrated. His Eminence Amfilohije said that this home would be the home of Patriarch Gabriel of the blessed memory.

“He was imprisoned in the First World War, but during the Second World War he spent some time in Dachau CC. This is Briska Gora, reminding of Mount Zion where the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles “, said the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral.

 One hundred and one-year-old Bogdan Peric said that he could remember the consecration of this church, “as if it was yesterday”.

“I am happy to see that young person stand by the Church. I am grateful to His Eminence Amfilohije for assembling this Serbian person with his authority and his mind,” said the old man Bogdan Perić.

Source: Diocese of Montenegro and the Littoral

(For Info Service of SOC translated into English Sanja Simic de Graaf)