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Screenshot from http://monastyr-kid.ru

Pravoslavie.ru – 7/4/17

A miraculous healing occurred by God’s grace and the power of sincere faith at the Monastery of the Holy Unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian in Crimea. Although doctors were unable to diagnose Svetlana Suvorova’s serious condition, she found healing at the monastery’s miraculous spring, reports the monastery’s site.

The elderly Crimean woman from Novoozernoe has felt wonderful for two years already since the healing.

Abbot Amphilochy learned of Suvorova’s healing from a number of ailments during a pilgrimage to the monastery from a letter that she sent to the monastery’s dependency. None were left indifferent after reading her moving story. The abbot personally went to visit her in her village to verify the facts of the story.

Svetlana Surorova has devoted her whole life to educating children, and to faithful service to God. Two years ago she suddenly became ill, unable to sleep day or night from exhausting pain. Her friend Alla began to take care of her and take her to the doctors, who were unable for a month and a half to correctly diagnose her, while her pain only increased.

She then decided to travel to Sts. Cosmas and Damian Monastery, not seeking healing, but simply to pray, to feel the grace of the holy site, and to walk around her favorite place, perhaps for the last time. While there she drank water from the holy spring, and soon found herself free of all ailments.

Svetlana returned to the monastery on March 30, this time to thank Sts. Cosmas and Damian for deliverance from her illnesses. That day, by the insistence of Abbot Amphilochy, the monastery began to keep a book of records of miraculous healings. They kept such a book before the revolution, although it has not been preserved to our day. The abbot is convinced that Svetlana’s is not the only story, and that the book will soon be full of other manifestations of God’s mercy and love.