Minneapolis Conference to Explore the Future of Orthodox Church Music


The International Society for Orthodox Church Music – 20/6/16

Over 140 participants from 31 states and 5 countries to arrive for June 23-26 event

Minneapolis, Minn. – The future of Orthodox Church music in North America and the English speaking world will be the focus of a four-day conference which opens at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, here, Thursday, June 23. The gathering, sponsored by the Finland-based International Society for Orthodox Church Music (ISOCM) is the first event of its kind in Minnesota and only the third ever national pan-Orthodox church music conference in North America.

“I anticipate with great excitement the beginning of this Symposium,” said Protopresbyter Ivan Moody, ISOCM board chair. “It is a natural extension of the work of the ISOCM, based in Finland, but conceived and organized not only in conjunction with, but by, Orthodox musicians in the USA.” Father Ivan will present the keynote address entitled: “Music, Beauty, and Prayer.” on Saturday, June 25 at 3:30 pm. The speech is open to the public.

The conference will also feature a concert by the famed vocal ensemble Cappella Romana at the Basilica of St. Mary in downtown Minneapolis on Thursday, June 23. The concert will feature Orthodox hymns from Serbia, Finland, the United Kingdom, and the United States including settings by Stevan Hristić, Pekka Attinen, Archpriest Sergei Glagolev, Tikey Zes, and the world premiere of a composition by Dr. Kurt Sander, chair of the music department at Northern Kentucky University.

Over 140 conference participants from across North America will sing new compositions by the American Orthodox Archpriest, Father Sergei Glagolev, at St. Mary’s (Protection of the Virgin Mary) Orthodox Cathedral in Northeast Minneapolis for the All-Night Vigil on Saturday, June 25, beginning at 5 pm and the liturgy on Sunday, June 26 at 8:45 am. Arranged in three choirs throughout the cathedral, participants will sing antiphonally at various moments of the vigil and liturgy. His Grace, Bishop Paul of Chicago and the Orthodox Church in America’s diocese of the Midwest and His Eminence, Metropolitan Elia of the Oulu diocese in the Church of Finland will concelebrate the divine services.

“This Symposium will, I hope, be a beginning. A beginning of a country-wide initiative that brings Orthodox church musicians – singers, chanters, composers, musicologists – together in both a manifestation of unity and an exploration of future possibilities in the realm of Orthodox church music,” Father Ivan said, noting, “We have an outstanding group of speakers, directors and participants, and the opportunity to worship and sing together, and to discuss the practical and theoretical aspects of this positively Pentecostal gathering.”

The liturgical services, keynote address, and concert by Cappella Romana are open to the public. Tickets for the concert may be purchased at www.roseensemble.org/shows/cappella-romana-concert

About the 2016 Pan-Orthodox Music Symposium:

A full schedule of events, presenter biographies, and topics of presentations are available at: www.orthodoxmusicsymposium.org

About the ISOCM:

The International Society for Orthodox Church Music (www.isocm.com) works to increase awareness of Orthodox liturgical music and chant by hosting gatherings around the globe, publishing resources and proceedings from its events, and facilitating research studies which explore the many facets of Orthodox Christian music.

About Father Ivan Moody:

Ivan Moody (b. 1965) is a composer, conductor, and Orthodox priest. Moody is perhaps best known for his work with the Hilliard Ensemble, Trio Mediaeval, the BBC Singers, and Cappella Romana, for which he wrote his largest work to date, The Akáthistos Hymn. He also serves as president of the International Society for Orthodox Church Music. (http://www.ivanmoody.co.uk/contents.htm)

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