Milestones Reached for Book ‘The Path to Oikonomia with Jesus Christ as Our Lighthouse’

OCP News Service – 3/8/2020

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USA: Since its publication in July, the new book The Path to Oikonomia with Jesus Christ as Our Lighthouse written by Dr John G. Panagiotou has reached significant milestones on Amazon distribution. It has reached #1 in the New Releases on Christian Orthodoxy category, #1 in the New Releases on Christian Stewardship category, and it is in the top 100 Best Sellers category in both Christian Orthodoxy and Christian Stewardship. Of particular note are the book’s successes in the Christian Stewardship New Releases and Best Sellers categories since these contain Protestant-dominated authors and publishing houses that appeal to a much broader audience. To our knowledge at OCP Publications, Dr Panagiotou is the first Orthodox Christian author to reach these milestones in these categories that have as mainstays well-known authors such as the Evangelical Protestant radio host Dave Ramsey and the Presbyterian minister Timothy Keller.

OCP Publications Announces the Release of Christian Stewardship Book

We at  OCP Publications congratulate Dr John G. Panagiotou on his book reaching these milestones in such a short time and we are grateful to God that He allowed us to publish this work for the greater glory of His Name. This truly is a foundational scholarly contribution in the life of the contemporary Church where it is much needed at this time more than ever. Our prayer is that as Photios Kontoglou ushered in a renewing of the mind in understanding iconography according to the roots of the Byzantine tradition in the 20th century, Panagiotou’s work ushers in an era of a renewing of the mind in understanding proper Christian stewardship according to the Holy Scriptures and the Patristic writings in the 21st century.

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