Mikheil Saakashvili and Illia the Second Opened Opera and Music Hall in Kutaisi


Catholicos patriarch of Georgia Illia the Second and President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili opened an opera and music hall in Kutaisi. 4,800,000 GEL was spent on the rehabilitation of the Kutaisi opera and the music hall.

The first event was held in music hall yesterday. Musical compositions for Catholicos patriarch, his holiness and beatitude, the chief bishop of Mtskheta and Tbilisi, Bichvinta and Tskhum-Abkhazia Illia the Second, were performed in music hall.

As the president said, 2011 is the year of Kutaisi in Georgia.

He also said that Kutaisi is a very beautiful, strong, and refined European city.

“I celebrated my birthday with my family in Kutaisi. We were in the cafe and I was thinking that we couldn’t have even dreamt about it several years ago. We opened an opera and music hall today. 2011 is the year of Kutaisi in Georgia, as the construction of parliament is drawing to a close in Kutaisi, so will the construction of governmental chancellery in Kutaisi, new factories will be built where a lot of people will be employed and young people will have prospects,” Saakashvili said. (Interpressnews)