Mikael Hovsepyan – A Man Devoted to Armenian Choreography


Armenian Orthodox Church in Georgia – February 2015

Mikael Hovsepyan was a well-known, merited choreographer, who dedicated all his life to the preservation and development of Armenian culture outside the homeland. “Pari Misha” (Misha of the Dance), of blessed memory, considered it his mission to inspire the young generation with love of Armenian choreography and to teach them the majestic, patriotic and at the same time graceful Armenian dance. In 1994, he became the victim of a bomb explosion at the Petros Adamian Tbilisi State Armenian Drama Theatre.

On January 31, the evening in memory of Mikael Hovsepyan was organized in Calouste Gulbenkian Hall at “Hayartun” Center. His family, friends and students took their seats in the crowed hall.

Everyone heard the voice of Mikael Hovsepyan accompained by the sound of Berd (Fortress) Armenian dance, which was recorded on the occasion of his anniversary. He died a year later.

Levon Chidilyan, Head of “Hayartun” Center called Mikael Hovsepyan a national figure, who committed himself to the preservation and development of Armenian culture, especially choreography, in Georgia.

Then Mikael Hovsepyan’s family, friends and students shared their memories about him as a good friend, carrying parent, great patriot, loving family man and dedicated artist. He aimed to teach Armenian dance to Armenian children, and took time to visit the Armenian schools located in Tbilisi’s different districts and to conduct dance lessons.

Mikael Hovsepyan’s dance ensembles won awards numerous times in various festivals and contests.. They became winners of the “Spring in Spring” festival-contest. Many of his students are now the members of the Armenian State Dance Ensemble and always appreciated him as a great teacher.

Liana Kashavanidze’s, “Vanq” dance ensemble’s, Mikael Hovsepyan’s many years partner Robert Kashavanidze’s and duduk player Ivane Mkrtchyan’s dhol and duduk group performances highlighted the evening.

Mikael Hovsepyan’s daughter, Gayane, thanked the management of the “Hayartun” center for organizing the evening, for keeping the memory of her father and appreciating his devotion.

Armenian traditional round dance Kochari, taught by Mikael Hovsepyan as the symbol of the unity and invincibility of Armenian nation, was also performed in the hall.