Metropolitan Kirill urges to make charity national priority in time of crisis

Moscow, January 11, Interfax – Patriarchal Locum Tenens Metropolitan Kirill urged to revive traditions of charity in Russia in time of crisis. 

“The current crisis is dangerous as it may affect the entire social and economic sphere. The middle class and people of moderate means may be the most affected. The Church can’t remain indifferent in this situation. Traditions of church and public charity should be actively revived,” he said in his interview to the

According to the Metropolitan, it is important to understand that “alas, nowadays Church means cannot be compared even to what it had a hundred years ago.”

“Social mission and charity should become a national priority and be realized by common efforts of state, businessmen and religious communities,” Metropolitan Kirill stressed.  

If money is “made out of nothing, and incomprehensible for the majority of people mysterious gamble on stock exchange takes place, when some people lose their fortune while others become passing rich at once, if such games become the basis of economy, we get what we have now – a crisis,” the Patriarchal Locum Tenens believes.  

Thus, he stressed, “It is impossible to speak about healing chronic ailments of today’s economic system” without linking economy to morals, without refusing domination of speculative capital.  

“We have to turn back to original social dimension of economic policy, as its sense was leveled down during the last century for the sake of primitive increasing standards of well-being, and not for all layers of society as it is declared,” Metropolitan Kirill said.