Metropolitan Hilarion Warns of a ‘Looming Schism’ in Orthodox Christian World

Liju Cherian (Chief Editor) OCP News Service – 9/9/18

Moscow-Russia: In response to the appointment of the Ecumenical Patriarchate’s legates as its Exarchs in Kiev (Archbishop Daniel of Pamphilon United States and Bishop Ilarion of Edmonton Canada), Metropolitan Hilarion – Chairman of the Dept. of the External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church has warned that a major schism might split the Orthodox Christian World. The statement was made during his interview with the Russia 24 TV channel.

Read full interview here:

Moreover the Holy Synod Statement of the Russian Orthodox Church (8th September 2018) stated the below:
“The Patriarchate of Constantinople’s decision to admit to examination the issue of granting autocephaly to ‘the Orthodox faithful of Ukraine’ has been made against the will of the episcopate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, who have unanimously spoken for the preservation of her existing status.

To justify its interference in the affairs of another Local Church, the Patriarch of Constantinople has produced false interpretations of historical facts, referring to his alleged exclusive powers, which he actually does not have and has never had.

These actions lead the relations between the Russian Church and the Church of Constantinople to a deadlock and create a real threat to the unity of the whole world Orthodoxy”.

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