Message of the Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II on New Year


His Holiness Garegin Ip, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, addressed a congratulation message on the New Year. The message reads in Prticular

Dearly beloved faithful,

From the Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin we greet you who are in Armenia and Diaspora blessing you with Father’s love. With great expectations and hopes we meet the New Year 2012. On the threshold of the New Year we deliver our prayers waiting for the tidings of the Holy Nativity of our Lord who fills the world with his divine blessing, celestial grace and endows people with peace, love and solidarity.

2011 was a year of peace for our people. The borders of our motherlands were securely defended, thanksgiving prayers rose to heaven from our churches. In the Homelan impersonate d and the Diaspora our people endeavored for the perfection and safety for its life. With the confidence of building the bright future the Armenian people stood the difficulties still existing in our life, endured the pain, lived and created with the vision and the will of making its dreams come true and celebrated worldwide the 20th anniversary of the reestablishment of our statehood. At this moment we deliver our prayer of gratitude to the Lord for granting us with the opportunity of creating our life in peace and moving forward towards new achievements on the welfare of our sacred Motherland.

Dear pious people let us meet the New Year with the spirit of optimism. It is we who will make 2012 a year of achievements and plenty of joy, a blessed period of solving our problems and reaching our goals. Little are the imperatives and necessities in our life. The stable and peaceful development and prosperity of our life is conditioned with the devotion and efforts of each of us towards the nation, the Church, the Motherland and towards each other. The successes we registered in Armenia and Diaspora became possible through the joint and hard efforts, as well as deep and sincere love of our people towards the Motherland. The year 2012 will be significant. On the official level we will celebrate the 500th jubilee of publication. French Senate will put the bill of criminalizing the denial of Armenian Genocide into discussion and hopefully it will be ratified. In 2012 the elections of the National Assembly are also expected which will be a chance be for our people to make the hardest efforts for making the basis of Armenian statehood stronger and for creating a more prosperous life trough the expression of free will. The strong and flourishing Motherland is the guarantee of our luminous future, the security and well-being of our families. At this sacred moment of New Year we deliver our prayer to the God for our compatriots spread all over the world and to the soldiers serving in the Armenian Army.

We deliver the prayer for the sick and prey to God to bestow them with health and patience. Dearest religious and pious compatriots, Let us meet the New Year with optimism, with the belief on making our hopes and visions come true. Let the belief be stable and powerful in our hearts, and let all our activities be brought to life successfully for God’s sake and for the sake of our Motherland and Saint Church. God bless us, our country and the world and let the New Year be a year of happiness, prosperity and joy.

Happy New Year!