Meeting with the Russian President

A meeting of the President of Russia DA Medvedev to His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia

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May 25, 2010 at the Kremlin His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill met with President of the Russian Federation, DA Medvedev.

While welcoming the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Constantinople, the Russian leader said:

“Your Holiness, I am very pleased to welcome you to the Kremlin. This momentous event – the visit of Your Holiness to our country and, of course, it helps strengthen the dialogue, which has always linked the two sister Churches. For Russia, this is particularly important given the fact that Russia has to a large extent – the country where the majority of the population is orthodox in their religion, so we’re on the lookout for your arrival and at what is now happening.

Patriarch Cyril of last year, attended the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople was your guest, this year you are our guest, and of course, it is of great importance to the entire Orthodox world.

In Russia, recently there have been many changes, which are living witnesses to all of us, and I am very glad, Your Holiness, that you can find those in my opinion, favorable changes that occur in the life of our country, in Russian society and in the dialogue that exists within our country – in the dialogue of the Russian Orthodox Church and State.

Just as a result of such a dialogue can solve very complex problems now facing our state, and the problems that stem from a very difficult economic situation in the world as a result of the financial crisis. That is why we so appreciate the constructive and meaningful dialogue, which was formed recently we have with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Allow me to express, Your Holiness, the hope that during his visit, you can better see and the life of our country, and with the modern life of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Next to the President of Russia addressed Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople:

“Your Excellency, I wish to express warm thanks to you personally for the invitation, for this your meeting with me and with His Holiness Patriarch Cyril. I and my accompanying very pleased that these days are in Russia, as guests of His Holiness Patriarch Cyril. We are very pleased that our visit coincided with the celebration of Days of Slavic literature and culture, as well as Saint’s Day of His Holiness Patriarch Cyril, whom we welcomed with great love and respect in our Patriarchate. We thank you for that holiday Slavic Literature in Russia is a state. We look forward to those good relations and cooperation that exist between the state and the Russian Church. The Russian leadership and the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church are writing new pages of history. Russian society was adopted in its traditional moral values, based on Christian ideals – this is the best guarantee, the best guarantee for the future of the people. Thank you, Mr President.

By DA Medvedev asked Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill:

“Dear Dmitry, I subscribe to thank His Holiness for the opportunity to meet with you here in the Kremlin, together with Patriarch Bartholomew, who is paying an official visit to Russia, which is of great importance to our bilateral relations.

All Local Orthodox Churches are part of the undivided Church, we all belong to this one Church. Such is the Orthodox ecclesiology: there is only one Orthodox church. But in each country, the Orthodox people experience their problems, face challenges that are typical for their own situation, and why it is so important to the local Orthodox Churches to communicate to share ideas and pastoral experience.

In addition, there are obschepravoslavnye problems, which for many decades it was difficult to even begin to consider and decide. And the bilateral relations between our Churches, and, in particular, these fraternal exchange of visits, and the good personal relationship that developed between us, to help address these problems obschepravoslavnyh. In addition to formal speeches, which we share and which are intended to present our position in the world, every day we are constantly in fraternal dialogue, which is no less important than the exchange of official speeches, the mode of transmission of meanings, knowledge, feelings and everything that should be shared for the common good. But most importantly – we pray together. We commit together the Divine Liturgy. And in doing that God dwells with us, and we believe that He is our Church and all Orthodox by the way, who in His hands. ”

Communications with the Primates of Constantinople and Russian Orthodox Church with the Russian President continued over lunch.