“Mama, We’re Hungry & Cold” — A Single Mother with Seven Daughters Needs Our Help

28 Jun NGO – 1/5/21

Ivana Tokin and her seven daughters were abandoned by their father and left to fend for themselves in a run-down house in a village by Vrsac. This means that Zeljana (16), Vojislava (14), Milica (13), Milana (13), Sanja (11), Tanja (8), Andjelija (5) and their mother must make ends meet on only $340 each month, a third of which is spent on their rent! This large family is left with only $25 to spend per day. Imagine just having to feed seven children with so little.

The family literally needs help with everything; from food to clothing to basic heating. Despite this, when we visited them what stood out most was their humility and modest nature. Please consider giving a love donation of $7 or more to help this brave single mom and her girls. We cannot do this without help! Any donations, big or small, help immensely! 28. Jun is a recognized charity. Facebook pays all the processing fees, so 100% of donations go directly to the nonprofit.

Online Donations:

Credit Card: https://28jun.org/#donate

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