List of Five Candidates Announced for the Ethiopian Orthodox Patriarchal Throne


Addis Ababa: The Patriarchal Electoral Committee of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church has announced the names of five candidates for the Patriarchal throne. They are as follows:

His Eminence, Archbishop Abune Mattias of Jerusalem
His Eminence Archbishop Abune Elsa of North Gondar
His Eminence Abune Hizkias, Archbishop of Kaffa, Sheka, Bench and Maji, and General Secretary of the Holy Synod
His Eminence Abune Mattewos of Wolaita and Dowaro
His Eminence Abune Yosef of Bale

Five names will be reduced to three, and then on February 28, eight hundred delegates including the entire Holy Synod, and representatives of all the monasteries, the administrators of the major churches and cathedrals, theological college, seminaries, Sunday schools and lay organizations will elect the 6th Patriarch of the church in succession to his Late Holiness Abune Paulos.