Let’s keep God’s creation – let’s use the renewable energy sources

Serbian Church

His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch received yesterday a group of young scientits – inovators Strawberry energy who deal with research and development of the renewable energy sources (solar energy, winds, termal waters…).

The cooperation with ” Strawberries” Svetosavsko Zvonce began last summer in the children’s park Joy when the workshop for children on renewable energy sources was organized. During the visit they informed Patriarch with their inovations which use so called clean technologies and the way they promote nature preservation and the ecosystem – the God’s creation, which are necessary for the survival of the living environment of mankind. Also they clarified the significance of these technologies for energy production which will have even greater importance in the future of the mankind.

Patriarch Irinej blessed their work and deeds which they will deal with in futute scientific work and perfecting, as well as development of the cooperation with the Svetosavsko Zvonce in the education of the youngest on nature preservation and using of the renewable energy sources. Patriarch Irinej presented to them a painting We are their descendants.

This group of young scientists won many awards for inovations. Their most famous patent is the solar charger for mobile phones – Strawberry tree, which is located now at three busy locations in Belgrade, Obrenovac and Novi Sad.