Legal status of Armenian Church in Georgia will secure religious heritage – MP


YEREVAN. – The fact that Georgian Parliament amended the Civil code, granting 5 religions denominations, Armenian Apostolic Church among them, status of legal entity of public law will greatly contribute to preservation of Armenian religious heritage in Georgia, ruling Armenian Republican Party MP Shirak Torosyan told Armenian

He stressed that this decision will ease the inclusion of disputed churches into Armenian Apostolic Church heritage. The MP emphasized that many issues remain unresolved, in particular, granting of the Diocese Status to AAC Javakhk churches.

“You will not find another spot in the world where more than 150 thousand Armenians do not have a Diocese of AAC”, – said Torosyan.

Welcoming the decision of the Georgian parliament, he nevertheless said that the authorities of this country must not wait for the pressure exerted by the minorities to settle their issues.