Legal Recognition Granted to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Greece

Menetasnot Desta – Delegate of Horn of Africa & Head of Ethiopian Affairs – OCP News Service  – 8/05/21

Addis Ababa-Ethiopia/Athen-Greece: The Government of Greece has issued legal recognition to the Ethiopian Orthodox in the country. The recognition was granted to the Ethiopian church for the first time in forty years of its presence in the Greek soil.

The official recognition will grant several rights to the Ethiopian Church including the rights to own and sell properties and will also provide legal validity martial ceremonies, and the issuance of baptism and other certificates.

The permission was granted as a result of the efforts and commitment of Rev. Fr. Qomos Abba Gebire Iyesus, the newly assigned EOTC head in Greek, and as well as with the support of the holy synod of the Greek Orthodox church.

It is believed that this permission will strengthen the relationship of Greek and Ethiopian Orthodox churches. Until the issuance of the legal certificate, the Ethiopian Church functioned as a private organization in Greece for a period of four dedaces.

EOTC patriarchate’s foreign relations department and EOTC department of public relation.

OCP News Service