Lebanese Orthodox Gathering discusses electoral law with Geagea


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea met on Thursday with a delegation of the Lebanese Orthodox Gathering to discuss the Orthodox proposal on the electoral law.

“The discussion with Geagea was [detailed], and he said that the Orthodox proposal on the electoral law is worthy of serious [discussion],” Saleem Habib, the delegation’s spokesperson, said following the meeting.

Habib also said that “the gathering is working… for real equity [between Muslims and Christians] and will meet with all concerned politicians to explain the proposal in detail.”

The Orthodox proposal on the electoral law states that citizens should vote for candidates of their own sects.

Lebanese parties are debating a new electoral law for the upcoming 2013 parliamentary elections. After the parliament agreed on drafting a law based on proportional representation, some parties rejected the draft law and called for renewing the 2009 electoral law, which is based on simple majority representation.

-NOW Lebanon