‘Parambil Chandy – the first Bishop of Indian Origin & Kuravalgnattu Might be the World’s First Marian Church’ : Claims Mar Kallarangatt



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OCP News Service – 17/6/19

Malankara-India: Few unusual claims were made by Mar Joseph Kallarangatt (Syro-Malabar Catholic Bishop of the Eparchy of Palai) in a circular that was published with regards to the upcoming ‘Nasrani Sangamom’ in the month of September 2019. The circular was read in all Syro-Malabar parish churches and monasteries on 19th May 2019.

The circular (249) of Mar Kallarangatt (the Romo-Syrian Papist Bishop of Palai) dated 1/5/2019, claims that the first Church in the name of Holy Theotokos (Mother Mary) was built in Kuravalngattu in A.D. 105 and the same is officially accepted. Moreover, the postal dept. published (22nd January 2018) special stamp honoring the above claim. The Bishop through his circular also states – it is believed that this Church (Kuravalangadu) might be the first ever Christian Church in the world.

In the circular Mar Kallarangatt (the Romo-Syrian Papist Bishop of Palai) also claims that Mar Parambil Chandy (1613-1687) was the first Indian Bishop to lead the Nasranis.

So does it mean that there were no other Bishops of Indian origin during the time? What about Marthoma I – the Prelate of the Malankara Nasranis? Was he not Indian in origin?

There are also few other inaccurate claims in the so-called circular as well. The circular has indeed questioned the real history of Malankara Nasranis.

Syro-Malabar Catholic is one of the Uniate Papist Rites in India, administrated by the Major Archeparchy of Ernakulam-Angamaly.

Kuravalngadu Nasrani Sangamom (2019). Palai: Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt.

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