Kind Plea to Support Abandoned Minors in Podvitez (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

28.Jun NGO – 23/11/2020

Brother and sister, Sasha (17) and Kristina (15) Kubura, both minors, live alone in Podvitez, about 5 km from Pale. Their mother abandoned them when they were little, and less than a week ago, their father also passed away. Without close relatives to care for them, without basic living conditions, and with barely $60 of welfare, Sasha and Kristina live in a neglected, run-down house with cracked walls, faulty installations, mould and mice. They don’t even have a place to bathe in, that is, safely bathe in, the boiler is broken and water drips from it, if it comes in contact with electricity, the children could get electrocuted.

While their peers have whatever they want, and are still unsatisfied, Sasha and Kristina want only one thing; to have somewhere to shower and have something to eat. We invite all those who have the means, to help Sasha and Kristina by making a donation, and help ease the daily struggles of these two children from Republika Srpska.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts ️

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