KFOR to secure Patriarch’s Inauguration


KOSOVSKA MITROVICA — Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanović says the inauguration ceremony of the Serbian Patriarch Irinej will be entrusted to KFOR.

The ceremony will take place on October 3 at the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Patriarchate of Peć.

Bogdanović, who had a meeting with KFOR commander Erhard Buehler in Kosovska Mitrovica, stressed that the KFOR commander assured him that the mission is ready to provide security for all participants of the ceremony.

The minister added that he agreed with Buehler on the view that only a partner relationship and respect of the UN SC Resolution 1244 can secure peace in the region and that KFOR must devote more attention to returnees in Kosovo.

He added that one of the common conclusions from the meeting was that the last incident, a riot in Kosovska Mitrovica where seven people were injured, was caused by Kosovo Albanians.

After his meeting with Bogdanović at the Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija building, which was the German general’s first after he took over command of military forces in the province early this month, Buehler did not give any statement.

KFOR commander said earlier Monday that the situation in northern Kosovo is complicated, but that it cannot be dealt with by violence and military force, and should be resolved by political means.

Buehler pointed out that the security situation in Kosovo is peaceful and stable, despite the incidents in the north of the province. KFOR commander said that his priority is maintaining a safe situation and the formation of Kosovo security forces.