Kenyan Orthodox Orphans Need Your Continued Support, Help & Prayers


Anastasia – December 2015 – Saint Philothea Project

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Dear Friends & Family,

We thank you for your support wholeheartedly! As we draw near to the holidays, we are closing in on our deadline for our mission trip to Kenya! There are LESS THAN 30 DAYS LEFT, before our mission trip. We ask that you help Saint Philothea Project by sharing news of our project with those you know. Please take the time to tell friends & family. Please share our link!

We have almost raised $7500! We could not have done this without your support!

Father Mark Mwangi’s Orphanage supports 67 children. As you know, we are raising money to help buy school uniforms so that the children can attend school. There are many internal issues with children attending school. There are tests that are given to every child before attending school. Based on academic preparation shown by their scores, it appears that 28 children are ready to attend elementary school this year. Some of the older kids are trying to get in to high school. This also requires test taking and a substantial tuition. Perhaps the remainder who did not qualify, did not score high enough to be offered a chance to study this year. All of this will have some resolution when President of Saint Philothea Project, Timothy Farrell makes his personal visit. We will consider what options are available to strengthen & enable those left behind.

In the meantime, Saint Philothea Project has put a deposit down on 28 uniforms for those who will be attending. What a great achievement! The school year in Kenya begins mid January 2016.

We now aim to fulfill the second goal we set for this mission & that is to help Father Mark Mwangi with the purchase of a reliable used car. I have spoken to Father Mark, who estimates the cost of this purchase to be $4,000. Please keep in mind, Father Mark & his Presbytera visit 20 households each month that house the orphans. He also performs service at two churches 4 Sundays each month. That means they travel almost every day of the month, doing Gods service. They also attempt to fulfill the needs of orphans by carrying goods to the various households. He currently uses a motorcycle as transportation. In the past, for 15 years he carried on his ministry on foot! The ability to afford a small vehicle with provides safety, the ability to transport goods to the orphans, to carry his vestments to church, to transport those who need to get to the local hospital which is several hours away & much more! We aim to enable this servant of God the means by which to continue his good works with ease.

Your donations will also seek to provide food & other basic needs that we discover when we physically arrive in Kenya. We will keep you updated on all the good we do through your contributions!

As we continue to grow our mission, we ask that you keep the names of our orphans in your prayers.

With the love of Christ & humility, We thank you! Saint Philothea Project

NAMES OF ORTHODOX AFRICA ORPHANS: Barack, Richard, Rafael, Monicah, Joyce, Mary, Millicent, Esther, Victoria, Bernabas, Jedidah, Faith, Lucy, James, Harrison, Joseph, Joseph, Zifforah, Irene, Helen, Demetrios, Elijah, Tabitha, Boniface, Nancy, Agnes, Faith, Magdeline, Moses, Joseph, Benson, James, Rahab, Paul, Jane, Geoffrey, Jane, Wanjiku, Kelvin, Francis, Lakeli, Collins, Mituso, Peter, Margate, Joseph, Musjoka, Veronica, David, Riziki, Solomon, Josephone, Josephine, Kunta, Peter, Brayan, Charity, Fuarine, Francis, Elly, Jon, Beth, Nancy, Phelista, Mrtha, Nancy, Mam, John, and Matt.