Kenyan Orthodox Orphan Mission Trip Needs Your Support


Saint Philothea Project – 20/10/15

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It is with a glad heart that we announce our OFFICIAL travel dates to Kenya! President of Saint Philothea Project, Timothy Farrell will be traveling Jan 13th through January 19th! Attached is his travel itinerary. We THANK brother Timothy for his generous gift of his time, energy and personal funds which cover the expense of his travel. I am mentioning this, to clarify that ALL DONATIONS COLLECTED go to the orphans.

Members of Saint Philothea Project gift all their time & travel costs to help our mission succeed, in bringing aid to Father Mark Mwangi’s Orphanage. This coming Saturday the medical clinic sponsored by Anastasia Poulos of Saint Philothea Project will be taking place. We will be posting video & photos of this event. If anyone else is interested in sponsoring a medical clinic, please let us know! We thank all of those who have contributed to growing this mission! Please continue to grow this mission by telling friends & family…and by sharing our link!

Sincerely, Your friends at Saint Philothea Project

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