Jews & Christian Israelis Deliver to Coronavirus-Stricken Bethlehem

Jerusalemite Initiative – 11/3/2020

The Jerusalemite Initiative and the Shai Fund have joined forces to assist Bethlehem residents and the quarantined tourists at the Angel Hotel in Beit Jala near Bethlehem, by delivering ibuprofen, multi-vitamins, gloves, masks, and snacks.

This initiative came about after Bethlehem Christian residents in suffering contacted Jerusalem’s Christian community as the Corona crisis unravels.

“Troubled times also bring opportunities to build bridges. By our actions, we are expressing our solidarity with the residents of Bethlehem and we pray that the Corona crisis will pass as soon as possible allowing humanity to return to normality”.

The Jerusalemite Initiative is a non-profit organization established in 2018 for “empowering Arabic-speaking Israeli Christian Jerusalemites of all denominations who are proud of belonging to Israel” and helping them integrate into Israeli society.
Shai Fund, an NGO that provides humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Jerusalemite Initiative