Is Your Belief in Jesus Christ a Ticket to the Paradise?

Author Emiliya.A – OCP News Service – 22/1/19

Some people have a wrong notion on Salvation. They think that if they believe that Jesus is the savior, it will save them and they would enter paradise.

Demons believe that Jesus is the savior but they still cannot find salvation because of their evil ways and broken relationship with God. The doors to paradise are locked for them. Because they have chosen evil over good and sin over the righteous way. They disrespected God’s laws and His will. The acceptance alone of Jesus as a savior is not enough.

I don’t like religious discussions. They tend to cause unnecessary arguments and might spread heresy.

Anyway, I had a discussion in one of the non-orthodox prayer groups because I felt that a few people tend to have wrong ideas. Below is my answer to a person who thinks that one faith in Jesus and accepting Him as the savior is a ticket to paradise.

Many believe that Jesus is the savior and still they burn in Hell. Why? because they lived a sinful life?! It is because they failed to change or repent. If one believes in Jesus and do not follow God’s commandments, neither do charity in His name, they will never enter paradise unless they seek forgiveness, repent, confess and try to stay away from sinful ways. Unreported and unconfessed sins will also push one to hell. As you see the road to paradise is narrow.

The lives of Orthodox Christian saints were not a bed of roses. Many suffered a lot. However, in every righteous action, prayers, love for others, kindness and much more have pleased the Lord. Why? Because they loved Jesus Christ, tried to gain holy spirit and paradise. They knew that sin destroys and would lead to Hell.

Therefore, one must live a life according to God’s expectations. If you just state that you accept Jesus Christ as your savior, but ignore His commandments and Will, then you are mocking Him and only fooling yourself.

OCP News Service