Institute of Sacred Arts Launches “Luminous” Podcast

SVOTS – 20/2/21

[SVOTS Communications / YONKERS, NY] Listen in on conversations with inspired and inspiring people as The Institute of Sacred Arts (ISA) at St. Vladimir’s Seminary launches its new podcast, Luminous: Conversations on Sacred Arts.

The first episode, “Music in the Natural World” with musician, author, and philosopher David Rothenberg is available now at Click here to listen.

“Our tradition has so much to offer, and so much with which to engage the world. And engagement starts with listening,” said ISA Director Dr. Peter C. Bouteneff, the host of Luminous.

The podcast features artists, scholars, and thinkers of all walks of life and approaches to the sacred. Current and future guests include Rothenberg, Margot Fassler, Junius Johnson, Annemarie Carr, Makoto Fujimura, Jeremy Begbie, and others.

The launch of Luminous is the latest in a number of exciting sacred arts developments in recent weeks at St. Vladimir’s. Earlier this week, the ISA unveiled its new logo. The start of admissions season at the Seminary revealed a new concentration in sacred arts for seminarians enrolling in the Master of Arts (M.A.) program. And the ISA has another big announcement planned in the coming weeks.

About the ISA
The Institute of Sacred Arts (ISA) at St. Vladimir’s Seminary explores the intersection of human creativity and holiness. Since its founding in 1938, St. Vladimir’s Seminary has fostered the study of icons, music, and liturgy. The ISA serves to extend the Seminary’s mission in exploring the mutual relationship between theology and the arts—by contributing to the work of people and institutions that practice and reflect on the sacred arts; engaging people and institutions of all backgrounds with Orthodox artistic tradition; and inspiring wider public interest in spirituality and the arts. Learn more at