Indian Orthodox Malankara Church observes ‘Cyber Fast’ on Good Friday

Malankara Orthodox Church observes ‘Cyber Fast’ on Good Friday


The Ministry of Human Empowerment, of the Malankara Orthodox Church launched this year’s project ‘NERVAZHY’ for providing a balanced media literacy to modern families. Under this project the Ministry initiates to observe April 3, 2015(Good Friday) as ‘Cyber Fast Day’. Just as we abstain from delicious food and avoid all non-veg items during the lent, we need to abstain from the glittering and addictive modern media for a day.

His Holiness the Catholicos has exhorted the believers to disconnect themselves from TV, Computer, Mobiles, Facebook, Whats App, LinkedIn and Twitter for 24 hours on 3rd April 2015 (Good Friday). This is a symbolic action to reduce our excessive dependence on the modern media.