Indian Orthodox Church celebrates 362nd anniversary of the Coonan Cross Oath

New Eco-friendly church under construction

New Eco-friendly church under construction


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“ By the Father, Son and Holy Ghost that henceforth we would not adhere to the Franks, nor accept the faith of the Pope of Rome, nor any foreign rule.” – From the Event of Leaning Cross Oath of 1653

The Indian Orthodox Church is celebrating 362nd (3rd January 2014) anniversary of The Coonan Cross Oath taken on 3 January 1653, which was a public avowal by members of the Saint Thomas Christian community of Kerala, India that they would not submit to Portuguese dominance in ecclesiastical and secular life.

The swearing of the oath was a major event in the history of the Saint Thomas Christian community and marked a major turning point in its relations with the Portuguese colonial forces. The oath resulted in the excommunication of 54 years Roman Catholic domination started with the synod of Diamper in CE 1599 by the Portuguese and declaration of the sovereignty Malankara Church (Orthodox Church of India) in 1665 AD, with Mar Thoma I.