Inauguration of the Museum of Icons

The Polish orthodox Church
Anna Czerewacka

Tuesday evening, with a solemn molebien, Museum of Icons, a branch of the Museum of the Warsaw Orthodox Metropolitanate, was opened.

The opening ceremony was attended by Metropolitan Sawa, primate of the Orthodox Church in Poland, the deputy mayor of Ochota district Piotr Żbikowski, architect Andrzej Markowski, Fr. Anatol Szydłowski – the pastor of the Warsaw cathedral and many other guests.

The opening molebien was celebrated by Fr. Henryk Paprocki, Fr. Artur Aleksiejuk – custodians of a chapel that functions with the museum – and Fr. Doroteusz Sawicki, vicar of the cathedral parish of St. Mary Magdalene in Warsaw. Michał Bogucki, the museum’s director, welcomed all present at the ceremony. Then spoke Metropolitan Sawa, expressing appreciation to all who contributed to that place, especially to local authorities and donors.

To celebrate the opening of the museum the Council of Bishops of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church awarded for activities for the good of the Church architekt Andrzej Markowski, Michał Bogucki, Maurycy Komorowski (mayor of Ochota district) and Anna Czerewacka. After the official part of the ceremony a tour on the museum exhibition was held. The first part was the Orthodox chapel, where in addition to fixed elements of decor on the walls and the iconostasis, there were icons by Gregorz Zinkiewicz, icons from the Study of Iconography in Bielsk Podlaski, reproductions of the frescoes of Jerzy Nowosielski and stained glass designs of Adam Stalony-Dobrzański.

In the second part of the museum church projects of architect Jerzy Uścinowicz and stained glass were presented. In the basement of the museum there was an additional presentation of the icons in the possession of the museum.

Icon Museum located on the Street Lelechowska 5 in Warsaw. Opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday 12.00 – 17.00, Sunday: 12.00 – 15.00. More information can be obtained by telephoning +48 785 85 95 85

In the chapel on Sunday at 10 the Divine Liturgies are celebrated, all-night vigils – on Saturdays and the eves of the great feasts at 18, Divine Liturgies on the great feasts on weekdays – at 7 in the morning.

phot. Mariusz Wideryński