‘In Our Christianity There Are No Extremes ‘- Archbishop Teodosie

Basilica News Agency – Aurelian Iftimiu – 4/7/2020

During his sermon on the patronal feast of the Orthodox Cathedral in Constanta Monday, Archbishop Teodosie of Tomis said that Romanians are ‘the Apostles’ batch of dough’ and that is why in Romanian Christianity there are no extremes.

The Archbishop of Tomis noted that all the Apostles, except for John, have suffered a martyr’s death, which made them our heavenly intercessors.

“Let us not deprive ourselves of the love of the apostles,” the Archbishop urged June 29.

“We are the batch of dough of the apostles. Neither Peter nor Paul came here, but Andrew, Peter’s brother, came. We are an offering of the First-Called, the brother of St. Peter. And that is why we must be happy that we have such a pure, natural Christianity that came naturally.”

“That is why there are no extremes in our Christianity; we are settled down,” said the Archbishop.

“Of course there are people who rebel, who doubt, but those who are the people of the Church are steadfast in fasting, in prayer, in faith.”

“Remain in this apostolic steadfastness, a holy and good steadfastness,” His Eminence Archbishop Teodosie recommended.

Photography courtesy of Vali Vădănoiu