“I Am Pleading To The Creator In My Prayers With Tears”- Patriarch Abune Mathias of Ethiopia

Menetasnot Desta – (Chief Administrator – OCP Amharic Service) – OCP News Service -28/1/2019

“Bring Forth My Death!”

Excerpts from the Ethiopian Patriarch’s speech
(On the slaughter of his flock in the Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia)

“…My children! I am a religious father. I am your shepherd. But I was not able to protect you from being slaughtered. I was not able to keep you from death. I am not a war general. I don’t have the capabilities to bring your killers to justice. I have the Cross not a gun in my hand…

Orthodox Faithful, Prelates ‘Prepare For Martyrdom’ in Response to the Unending Riots in Ethiopia

…My children! I am pleading to the Creator in my prayers with tears about your suffering. I have been asking the government daily. Today, I am grief-stricken. I just want to weep like a child. My heart is mourning. I am crying daily and have not slept. We asked the government thinking that things would get better but we haven’t seen change. Rather, I got my children slaughtered. While I taught you saying ‘Peace! Peace!’, those who do not know it disturbed you. My children! Do not hold a grudge against me…

‘We Are Unsure If They Are Dead or Alive’ – On The Fate Of The Orthodox Faithful in Oromiya

…I did not keep silent. I am daily lamenting for you. O, Lord! Rather than seeing my children suffer, bring forth my death. I was not able to protect my children from what was being done to them. See Yourself what has happened and judge!”

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