How to lead the world

It is very easy to lead the world

The Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopedi – The Orthodox Monastic Republic of Mount Athos- 20/2/17

It is very easy to lead the world.

First, one needs to lead the nation, which is a much easier thing.

In order to rule the nation, one needs to lead one’s family, which it should be even easier.
But ultimately, only one thing is really needed: to lead and rule over one’s self; to repress one’s passions and sins.

This, believe it or not, is impossible for a human being. Only God can achieve it.
One needs a lot of prayer, patience, repentance and the simplicity of hope.

Based on St. Mark the Ascetic.

In this photo two friends share a heartfelt moment: one of them is waiting for the other one to write down some names for prayer.